Friday, August 15, 2008

Yes, he's alive. And in perfect hibernation.

Sorry to my readers for being away for a couple days.


Is anyone there?

OK. There aren't many people checking out my blog, yet.

Maybe my friends will come around, probably not.

I was pretty tired after work the last couple of days and its sometime hard to think of quick shorts to write. It seems every idea I note takes too much time to prepare in one day. I'll do my best to come up with content during the weekend. I do intend to post, at minimum, daily

My boss sent me a popular link for local bloggers. A Web analyst from Propser Media launched local blog aggregator in June.

21Q interviewed Zach Melchori two months ago. Melchori told the blog that he wants to "drive more dialogue" in the city. Blogs are pulled from local writers and national writers blogging about Sacramento.

Read "RiverWrap blog feed covers Sacramento" for more information.

The concept is simple and a good starting point to find other popular, local blogs. You need somewhere to find blogs to add to your RSS feed.

And, yes, I'm submitting my blog.

On the horizon: I still plan to critique seven consecutive issues of new The Sacramento Bee. I forgot to pick up the last Saturday issue. I'll write my first post starting Tuesday. Also, I'll launch a weekly feature called MySpace Monday, where'll I'll give tips on how journalists can use MySpace for researching and reporting. Facebook Friday is not currently in the works.

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