Friday, August 22, 2008

Link: So, you gonna eat that?

He's at it again. Cristián de la Weber and politics go hand-in-hand.

First, he ran a failed campaign for Sacramento mayor.

(He forgot to file some paperwork.)

Now, he's gone sent Delaware Sen. Joe Biden a pepperoni pizza to congratulate him on receiving the vice presidential nod. Dominos, no less.

Read "The case of the pizza prank" to see the media describe Cristián as the "pizza villain".

Watch the "#1 Countdown Veep Watch" to see the pizza delivery girl stand by the state police officer as he speaks to Cristián by cell phone. The full MSN Countdown episode should be available as a video podcast by the end of the day. Download a piece of history.

Sources close to me tell me that Cristián is an Obama supporter. In a cell phone interview with this blog, Cristián tells me he was trying to make a mockey of the media's driveway coverage of the pending vice presidential announcement. He, and the guys at the SomethingAwful Forums thought it would be funny to see how the media would cover a pizza delivery. Cristián took the matter into his own hands and ordered a pizza by cell phone. A note was attached the pizza congratulating the senator. The senator's name was not placed upon the note. Proof of pizza purchase can be found at the SomethingAwful Forums.

And, like I told Cristián, he made a bigger dent in the media ordering a pizza than he ever did as a writer.

This blog will stay tuned. Here's hoping Obama cracks a joke about it at the Democratic Convention.

Update at 8:25 p.m.: Today's episode of MSNBC Countdown is now available through iTunes.

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